Types of Membership


The following categories of membership of the CSPR are currently available; those wishing to join the Society should choose the category which best reflect their circumstances.  Membership is granted on the understanding that all persons agree to abide by the Society's General Guidelines.


Associate Membership

Standard individual membership for persons aged 18 and over.  Associate Members receive the Society’s quarterly Journal, one-off publications when issued and are able to attend free of charge all lectures and demonstrations organised by the Society (see also Meetings & Events below).  Associate Members can also take part in on-site investigations organised by the Spontaneous Phenomena Group (SPG) as well as demonstrations and events that fall under the remit of the Experimental Phenomena Group (EPG); normally these investigations and events will be free of charge (see also Meetings & Events below). 


Family Membership

Joint membership for partners.  This category also covers family members aged at least 16 with a parent or guardian who is also becoming a member of the Society.  Family Members receive the same publications (one copy per household) and attend all meetings as for Associate Membership.


Group Membership

For a similar paranormal group or organisation; enables a representative to receive copies of the Society’s publications and attend investigations and meetings.  If several members of the same organisation wish to take part in CSPR investigations they should join as Associate Members.


Concessionary Member

For senior citizens and students; entitlements as for Associate Membership.  A copy of supporting documentation will be required on application.


Membership Form  A Membership Application form can be downloaded for printing out by clicking here.  The address for completed applications is given on the form.  In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, information recorded on this form will be used solely for administrative purposes by the Chiltern Society for Psychical Research and will not be shared with any third parties.


Subscription Fees


The CSPR is a non-profit making organisation.  The revenue from Members’ Fees will be used to cover the running costs of the Society i.e. producing the quarterly Journal and other relevant publications, hire of venues for talks and demonstrations, upkeep and development of the CSPR website, purchase of equipment for SPG investigations and general expenses (e.g. telephone calls and travelling) associated with event planning.


Membership of the Society runs for one calendar year from receipt of the appropriate Membership Fee.  A reminder for subscription renewal will be sent out two weeks prior to the expiration of the current membership period.  Members are requested to renew their subscriptions within two weeks of the expiry date of their existing Membership period, after which their membership will be suspended pending receipt and clearance of the necessary Fee.  Members will be unable to attend any of the Society’s events other than the public lectures and demonstrations (for which the standard public entrance charge will be levied) until their Membership subscription has been renewed.


Subscription Fees are payable in pounds Sterling, either on a cheque drawn on a UK bank account or Postal Order; either should be made payable to ‘Chiltern Society for Psychical Research’.  A standard receipt of payment will be issued via e-mail to those Members who provide a valid e-mail contact address; in order to reduce running costs for the Society, a printed receipt will only be sent on request.


Membership Fees for the different categories of Membership of the CSPR are as follows:


Associate Member - £20

Family Member - £35

Group Member - £20

Concessionary Member - £15


Meetings and Events


Where a guest speaker or demonstrating medium requests an appearance fee this will be reviewed and approved by the CSPR Council prior to the event going ahead, following which it may be necessary to charge Members an entrance fee to help towards the Society’s costs.  This will be at a reduced rate from the charge levied at the general public and will be kept as reasonable as possible.  As much prior notice will be given as possible of events where an admission charge is required. 


Investigations organised by the SPG are open to all members; Family Members below the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also included as part of their overall Membership of the Society.  Normally SPG investigations will be free of charge to Society Members.  If practical, arrangements will be made to provide transport to investigation venues, otherwise Members are expected to cover their own expenses of getting to and from the location.


At certain SPG investigations where the owner of the venue requests a fee in order to allow the Society to visit, it will be necessary to make a charge to members to cover the cost of the visit; this will be kept as reasonable as possible and will be given as much prior advertisement beforehand.


General Note


Members who take part in Society meetings and investigations do so at their own risk.  The CSPR cannot be held responsible for injury or loss of property to Members who attend its meetings or take part in its investigations.


Illustration on this page: Dinton 'Castle', Buckinghamshire by Eddie Brazil.


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