Guidelines for Membership


The following general guidelines should be adhered to by all Members of the Society:


1.  Members of the Society are encouraged to promote their Membership of the CSPR and its activities as much as possible.  They must not, however, give the impression that they speak on behalf of the Society or that their personal opinions are those of the CSPR.  All public statements made by the Society will be issued via the CSPR Council.


2.  Membership of the Society does not confer a qualification in psychical research or paranormal investigation and should not be advertised as doing so.


3.  Membership of the Society should not be used for personal gain of any kind.


4.  Membership of the CSPR is granted provided the Member agrees to abide by the guidelines presented herewith together with the statements set out in the separate CSPR Ė Aims of the Society.  Members wishing to take part in both SPG and EPG investigations and meetings must also agree to abide by the separate protocols issued for both these Society Groups.


5.  Members who bring either the CSPR or psychical research and paranormal investigation into disrepute will be asked to give up their Membership.  Members whose conduct during meetings or investigations of the Society is deemed unacceptable or inappropriate by either other Members or Members of the CSPR Council will be asked to attend a Disciplinary Meeting of the CSPR Council where they will be asked to explain their actions.  In such a situation, the Member in question may be accompanied by another CSPR Member who can assist in representing them.  Depending on the severity of the complaint, the Council reserve the right to revoke that Memberís Membership if requested to do so and in the case of a dispute the Vice-Presidentís decision is final.


Illustration on this page: 'Lost Hearts' by Eddie Brazil.


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