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The CSPR is a secular non-profit making organisation dedicated to the investigation and study of what is currently termed ‘paranormal’ phenomena.  It was founded on 18 November 2008 by Eddie Brazil and Paul Adams. 


The Society exists to promote the above aims by operating a membership structure that allows like-minded individuals to meet and take part in investigations of suitable venues as well as to attend lectures and demonstrations on various relevant topics.  Subjects that come within the Society’s area of study include spontaneous phenomena – hauntings and poltergeist cases – and induced phenomena such as mediumship, psychometry, dowsing and the physical phenomena of spiritualism.


The CSPR promotes the study of paranormal phenomena through its meetings and investigations in the Chilterns (Beds, Bucks and Herts area) and elsewhere in the UK.  In order to cater for the interests of Members there are two groups operating within the Society that cover all aspects of both spontaneous and induced phenomena.  


The Spontaneous Phenomena Group (SPG) under the direction of Eddie Brazil organises and conducts on-site investigations into allegedly haunted locations.  The SPG also holds regular lectures on paranormal subjects that are open to Society Members as well as members of the public.  In order to encourage a dialogue and promote co-operation with mediums and spiritualist groups in the Chilterns area and elsewhere (something that in the past organised psychical research has had problems in achieving), the Experimental Phenomena Group (EPG) under the direction of Paul Adams organises events and demonstrations reflecting the spiritualistic hypothesis.  Members of the Society are encouraged to take part in the activities of both these Groups as their own preferences dictate.


The Society operates as a platform for Members to express and discuss their own findings and viewpoints on the whole subject of ghosts, hauntings, mediumship and survival through its meetings, talks and publications; however, the Society does not have a collective or corporate viewpoint and the opinions of Members and those of the Society’s Council are entirely their own.  The CSPR is not associated or affiliated in any way with the Incorporated SPR or the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies.


On this website you will find details of all the Society's forthcoming activities including public lectures, investigations, publications as well as information on becoming a Member.  The website is currently under construction and more information will be added in the coming weeks so check back regularly to see the updates.


The official launch of the Chiltern SPR will be held at an inaugural public meeting and lecture evening which will take place on 3 June 2009 at the Hazlemere Community Centre, Rose Avenue, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP15 7UB at 7.30pm.


The first issue of the Society's quarterly journal Phenomena is now available - click here for details.


Please e-mail info@cspr.org.uk with any enquiries.






Illustration on this page: (Top) Borley Church, Essex by Eddie Brazil; (Right) The 'Brown Lady' of Raynham Hall, Essex.

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